Level Design Tools

Hello everybody,

I’ve been playing around with the Unity Custom Editor libraries and made a couple tools for boosting level design productivity at Smash Mountain Studio.

We used it on the development of this scenario.

You can see more about it in this fast-paced video that I made.

[Tutorial] Networking Quick Start Guide – Creating a Lobby

Networking Quick Start Guide – Creating a Lobby

This document is an easy start guide to unity networking API. I’ll show how to create a simple game that will contain a lobby, players will be able to create and join matches. The idea is to cover the basics of the networking lobby, such as, how to create a match (using the matchmaking system), join a match, list results on the interface and more.


The result of this tutorial is a lobby scene that allow players to create or join a match. Once two players have been connected to the same match, the lobby automatically transfer both to a play scene. The networked game should run on the play scene.

Screenshot of the lobby.

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[Tutorial] Playing with Meshes Part I – Vertices and triangles

Playing with Meshes Part I – Vertices and triangles

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to create a plane from a script using Unity 3D. During this process I’ll teach how vertices and triangles are used to create a Mesh. This is the first tutorial of a series that I will be making on 3D geometry.


This tutorial is a intro to meshes and how to construct them. It will cover, vertices, triangles and mesh density. The result of this tutorial is a script that is able to create plane meshes at runtime. It’s possible to define the mesh length and also its density (amount of triangles and vertices).

Screenshot of the generated plane.

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[Tutorial] Mixing Mobile Camera and 3D Geometry  

Mixing Mobile Camera and 3D Geometry  

In this post I’ll explain how to access your mobile camera through Unity API and mix video and 3D geometry on the same application.


The result of this tutorial is an Android app that will capture information from the camera and directly play it on the phone screen. On top of the video there will be rendered a custom 3D model.

Screenshot of the application, the watch is a 3D model being rendered on top of the video.

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It’s been a while..

I’ve been away from a while working on personal projects and for the company that I founded with a friend. The Smash Mountain Studio (Click here to check our website!).

I hope to start posting more to this blog from now on.


Paper published !

This is a bit late, but a paper that me and some great friends wrote was published by ACM.
The article is a brief explanation about the idea behind the game World of Riders.
It’s sad that ACM is charging $15 dollars for people to be able to read it.

In that way, I made a new revision of the article. You can find it at the link below.
Click here for paper!

Have a great day 🙂

1st place at the Games For Health Hackathon at Fio Cruz


I’m happy to announce that me and two friends won the first place at the Games For Health Hackathon, Open Access track at Fio Cruz.

It was a long 36 hours coding and designing but it worth it.



World of Riders at The Meaningful Play Conference 2016

Excited to say that World of Riders was exposed on the Meaningful Plat Conference at East Lansing, Michigan. Everybody had a lot of fun, it was super nice to have our game exposed there.


World of Riders at the CHI PLAY Conference 2016!


I’m proud to announce that, one of the games (World of Riders) that I made during my time in Michigan, is going to be featured at the CHI PLAY 2016 Conference (Austin, TX) .

Students and professionals that are going to be attending the conference will be able to try out the game and exercise together.

The registration for CHI PLAY just opened! If you want to check it out go to https://chiplay.acm.org/.

See you there!

The beginning

Hello everyone,

I’ve finished my graduate program. I’m now working on polishing my work and putting it up online so the world can see and comment on it.

I’m super excited to start this new chapter.

Can’t wait to create more!